Residential Moving in Berlin

Get a good price on your move without jeopardizing your belongings.

Moving in Berlin with a professional mover

Do you prefer full packing services by TRANS ATLANTIC MOVERS or do you want to pack everything by yourself? Would you like an hourly rate or a guaranteed price? 

No matter which option you prefer, we will pack and move your belongings always securely and safely and work with appropriate protective materials such as furniture blankets, covers, stretch wrap or bubble wrap. In addition, of course, your belongings are insured up to 620, - € per cubic meter (cbm).

We have the flexibility to give you great value for whatever level of service fits your budget and needs. You can request any combination of services and here are some suggested packages:


budget: For the do-it-yourself personality and smaller moves: you pack boxes by yourself , we provide a truck and porters. The cheapest way for a move in Berlin. Optionally, you can purchase from us moving boxes and other packaging materials. As well we offer organization of parking permissions.

standard: Perfect for busy professionals. For those who don't have enough time to prepare for their move, we offer customized packing services, do the assembly work of cabinets and other large furniture, organize if necessary parking permissions and supply in time with boxes, cases, packing silk, bubble wrap, tape, floor protection and anything you need for a safe relocation. The smart solution with high comfort.Moving in Berlin

advanced: "standard" option, plus you can choose our packing service for fragile goods as porcelain and pictures. When the work is done we will pick up the boxes again, saving you money by the favorable rental price and allow the re-use of environmentally friendly cardboard.

full service: A unique attempt for very busy clients who want comprehensive service and a truly customized transition from one residence to another.

If you want additional information or have any other specific needs and suggestions,
please let us know so that we can serve you better.